In this section you will find only some of the most representative sweets of Sardinia. There are a lot of varieties linked to different territories and religious holidays.

One of the most known Sardinian sweets. The main ingredient to obtain it is bitter almond, skilfully mixed with sugar and egg whites. Often the almond is also used for final decoration.

Sardinian variant of Meringues. The dough based on egg whites whipped in snow is enriched with grated lemon peel and toasted almond grains.

Biscotto di Fonni
A sort of giant Savoiardo, from the small village of Fonni, very popular between Sardinian families. It’s a soft and fragrant biscuit, often used to make tiramisu. Best dipped in milk, coffee or tea.

Sweets from Barbagia, made of a very thin pastry folded in a flower-like shape, with a filling of honey, almonds, orange peel, sugar and saffron.

Small boat of filo pastry, filled with a sponge cake, almond paste, lemon peel and a few drops of liquor.

Traditionally, Sardinian mothers, mothers in law and godmothers of the brides, used to make this sweet just for their weddings. Generally speaking the number of hearts was proportional to the social status of the family. The filo-pastry is shaped like a heart and filled with a tasty mixture of honey, almonds and orange peel.

These are small balls of almond paste, very delicate and tasty, often flavored with myrtle liqueur.
They are wrapped like candies in the sheets of colored tissue paper.

Requires a long preparation and needs to rest before cooking for about 15-20 days. It’s made with fine semolina, water, yeast, sugar, cinnamon and lemon peel. It’s then garnished with sugar glaze. Will melt in your mouth!

Pani ‘e Saba
The main ingredient of this typical sweet is must (sapa), which is cooked with spices, quince and orange peel until it becomes a think and sweet molasses. In the mixture are then added durum wheat semolina, water, walnuts, almonds, raisins, honey, candied oranges and eggs. Garnished with colourful confetti.

A very rich biscuit with lots of ingredients: among them the raisins (papassa) from which derives its name. Usually has a diamond shape and it is garnished with sugar glaze and confetti.

This sweet is traditionally linked to Easter and it’s composed by a crispy pastry on the outside, pinched and folded, filled with a mix of ricotta or other fresh cheese, sugar, saffron and orange or lemon peel.

Spherical and crunchy biscuit with a characteristic glaze on the outside, made with sugar, water and lemon peel.

Pistoccus Tostaus
Also known as Pistoccus de Cappa, these biscuits are typical of Campidano. They look like they might have a hard texture but will crumble in your mouth. Covered with a glaze made with egg white.

The most popular sweet from Sardinia. it consists of a pastry disk, filled with fresh cheese, orange and lemon peel. It's deep fried and served hot, smothered with honey.