Despite being an island, Sardinia is not just land of fishermen, but also of breeders and farmers. The variety of activities and the diversity of its territory, largely influenced the gastronomic traditions of this land. Sardinian cuisine is mainly based on pasta, soups, bread, vegetables, like artichokes and tomatoes (grown on the flat land), lamb meat, sheep, goat, pork and beef, which come from farms located on the hills and mountains.

For further informations, please click on the link for the brochure of Regione Sardegna about gastronomic specialties.

Cured Meat

In Sardinian language "Su Sartizzu” is by definition the queen of Sardinian cured meat. To manufacture this delicious food, only the lean cuts of pork meat are minced and seasoned with salt, black pepper and fennel seeds. The meat is then folded into the typical U shape, and left to dry for about 15/30 days.

Grandula o Guanciale
Cured meat obtained from pork cheeks. Seasoned with spices, can be also smoked. Ageing process lasts between 30 to 60 days.


With a sweet and delicate taste, is obtained from pork fillet. Seasoned with salt, pepper and anice seeds, is left to mature for at least 60 days. Usually is served as antipasti, seasoned with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Prosciutto di Desulo

Obtained from the back legs of free range pigs, farmed on the mountains between Nuoro province and Ogliastra area. Seasoned with spices, is then left to age for at least 1 year.