Who Am I

My name is Cristina,

I am a sommelier and cured meat taster, spreading the Food & Wine Culture has been my passion since 10 years now.

After I graduated in Economy  I started to work in Marketing of F&B for some of the most important Large-Scale Retail Trades in Sardinia.

While I was studying the supermarket's layouts for the sake of appealing more to customers, with the best products available, I started to realize that a passion for wines was growing in me day by day. I tried hard to highlight the differences between products, specifying colors, grape varieties, producers and countries of origin of each wine on the shelves, in order to make it easier for customers to buy exactly what they wanted.

In that very moment, driven by the thirst for knowledge about wines, I decided to attend courses to become Sommelier and Official Taster. After infinite hours of studying and many tastings, I finally came home with both my diplomas.

My grandad and my father have been making wine since I can recall, from a small family vineyard. The grape varieties grown in my native region (Campidano) are Monica, Bovale, Cannonau and Vermentino. Since I was a little girl, I used to help in the vineyard with the harvest and other essential jobs.

Growing up, unfortunately, I also grew apart from traditions, but once I got wiser, I rediscovered my roots, thanks to a new and different approach to things in life.

My studies and jobs brought me far away from my small town, but I came back with a treasure chest filled with knowledge and wonderful experiences.

After I' ve lived and traveled through France for several years, I decided to come back to Sardinia: a stunning land that takes your soul away and keeps you tight to her, no matter how far you go.

But, this beautiful island, rich in natural and archeological wonders and Food & Wine delicacies, doesn't offer many job opportunities. So I decided to use my skills to transform my passion into a career, in order to be capable to show to people who choose to come and visit Sardinia, all those marvelous things that I used to miss the most when I was far away: its landscape, scents, cheeses, wines, sweets, olive oil and much more.

Guided by my passion, I'd like you to discover with me my region, through the best wines and foods. In one word, discover our Oenogastronomy

With Le strade del gusto we will visit some of the most famous local wineries, where I’ll tell you about the fascinating stories of producers and their wines, and lead you through the tasting experience. I'll take you to a dairy farms so that you could make cheese with your own hands, and for a visit to a typical oil mill, a bakery or a pasta farm.

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