Olive Oil

Olive trees mark unmistakably the landscapes around the Mediterranean area, including the one of Sardinia. Olive trees have been cultivated on the island, since the beginning of time. Olive oil is a fundamental feature of the Mediterranean diet: rich of healthy proprieties, essential for the preparation of traditional dishes or to finish soups, season bread, meat, and other foods.
The olive varieties cultivated in Sardinia are: Bosana, Pizz'e carroga, Tonda di Cagliari, Nera di Gonnos and Semidana. Each one of these varieties has its own peculiar characteristics, which are directly conveyed to the oils produced with them. The results can be strikingly different. In 2007 Sardinia has obtained the DOP from the European Union for the production of extra virgin olive oil extract in its territory. This remarks a strict control of all the production processes and ensures high quality products.