Olive oil mill tour

We will visit one of the oldest oil mill of the Parteolla region close to Cagliari (from Latin Pars Olea), and particularly devoted to the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil of high quality. This oil mill has been active since the 1600 and it is still working! We can assist live to all the activities of the mill from October till March. The experience starts with a visit to the production room where we could see all the machinery used for the production of the oil and watch some videos. We will continue our visit in the museum dedicated to oil, where are kept many tools and old machinery used for centuries for the production and preservation of olive oil, but we can find also many rare documents on these topics. The visit will end with a guided tasting of 3 wonderful products of the oil mill, paired with local delicacies. You will discover that from different kind of olives, it’s possible to get oils with different tasting notes that should be paired accordingly with what you eat.

The experience will take: 2 h

Meeting point:  to be agreed with the customer

Max number of people: 4

Availability:  from Monday to Friday, at 12.00 a.m. or 15.30 p.m.

Booking: 2 day before

Languages: Italiano, English, Français

The cost includes: transport by car, visit to the mill, visit to the museum, tasting of 3 extra virgin olive oils paired with local products, food and wine guide for the whole experience.  

Please let me know in advance if you have any allergies or food intolerances.
Experience available from April to October.

Each experience will take place after booking and where possible with advance electronic payment, and respecting the rules of social distancing and the protocols for this type of activity.

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