Become a wine expert with a Sommelier
(Experience ON LINE)

Our experience will begin with a nice chat during which I will try to probe your knowledge of the wine world and your preferences and tastes (for example, do you like whites or reds?). Then with the support of educational material (just a chart) and a glass of wine I will teach you the basic rules of tasting and how you can recognize the characteristics of each wine. So you will need to have a wine (possibly Italian) of which you will send me a photo before starting the experience so that you can describe it remotely. Then we will see together the basic rules for combining food and wine and I will reveal some small secrets that will help you make the right choice of wine for your dinners and aperitifs with family and friends. After this experience, the wine will have no more secrets for you. In the eyes of your friends you will become wine expert, without having attended a sommelier course! The experience will take place in the comfortable and safe environment of your home or in the place you prefer. You will not need to move (except to go and buy a wine to taste). You will be able to stay in slippers and comfortably seated on your sofa. I too will be at home, in my wonderful Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean.

The experience will take:1,5 h

Level of knowledge of the wines required: beginner.

Max number of guests per connection link (people in the house): 2 people.

Max number of guests per experience: 6 people.

Availability: after the purchase, communicate by email day and time you would like to have the experience.

What do you need: a transparent glass with long stem (suitable for a wine tasting); a bottle of good Italian wine (white or red depending on your preferences); a good online connection; a white sheet.

Once the day and time of the experience have been established, I will send a link via email to connect and carry out the online experience.